Friday, September 9, 2011

Taste the Rainbow

Necessity is the mother of invention...or so the saying goes. And this week we were needing a little colour in our lives...

It turns out, even a nutritionist's kid goes on fruit and veggie strikes from time to time, I am sad to say! And yes, the last week or two my little one has been a little less enthusiastic about all of the wonderful colourful things I put on his plate. But that won't stop me!!!!

Firstly, it is thought that a child must be introduced to a food at least 17 - 20 times before you can say that they actually dislike it. So, its important to keep trying. Also, any mother knows that tastes and interest in foods changes almost daily, so offering a variety of foods is vital...even when you think they have gone on strike.

But, when the going gets tough and that little head is shaking away from you with lips locked shut... tah dah... enter the Rainbow Smoothie!

This idea came to me this week, as I say out of necessity. Along with the lack of interest in the colourful stuff, we also have a family cold. The kind that comes with a high fever and a sore throat. Smoothies help with sore throats (just like ice no excuses to give your kid ice cream here...).

I wondered if I could get something into myself and the kiddo that had all of the colours of the rainbow...and so here it is, the Rainbow Smoothie:

Red - Raspberries
Orange - frozen cubes of butternut squash
Green- a chunk of frozen spinach
Blue- blueberries, of course
Shiny Yellow- banana
Purple too- blackberries

(obviously you can use a variety of ingredients here, and also you can add yogurt etc if you want...this is just what we had on hand)

And you know what, it tastes great too!

How do you get a little one to drink a smoothie, you might ask? IKEA cups! Have you seen these things? Every kid I know is obsessed with them! So pour your smoothie in there, and enjoy it together. You take a sip, he takes a sip...and another, and another, until his tummy is full of fruits and veggies, and none of them are on the floor, or in your hair!


Oh, and ps...I know one or two adults who could use a little taste of the rainbow too...

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