Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blossom Real Food Challenge Week 2 - Alicia's Food Log

Day 1, Week 2

Breakfast: Terra Breads Aritisan Granola, Organic, full fat yogurt, organic strawberries

Snack: an Apple

Lunch: Smoked Salmon with capers and a squeeze of lemon on FitFigure Multigrain cakes with avocado and spinach.

Dinner: My go-to "Taco" Night. I make black beans, grass-fed organic ground beef, peppers, onions, swiss card and collard greens all cooked up with a Simply Organic brand taco seasoning. Then I serve this over brown rice or millet (tonight wound up being brown rice), and we garnish with salsa and avocados. Mexican flavour, lots of greens, high quality meat and whole grains... way better then the ld El Paso version of taco night!

Snack: A couple of organic strawberries (I am eating tons of strawberries right now, but these California ones really aren't that nice. I can't wait for BC strawberries to be in season!!! mmmmm!)

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