Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blossom Real Food Challenge - Alicia's Meal Plan, Week 2

Here is our dinner meal plan for the week. We aim to cook 4-5 nights per week, and have leftovers 2-3 times. Everything must be simple, quick, delicious and nutrient dense. I do not anticipate any of these meals taking more than 30 minutes to prepare. This may surprise you, that a nutritionist does not spend hours in the kitchen....and I would love to...but we are a busy young family too! I don't spend my day making my own yogurt, or saurkraut, perfecting the latest raw, vegan recipe...I spend it playing with and caring for my 8 month old. Some moms are able to do both...not me. I work a few nights a week, and that is just enough for now! So we prepare our own food, and eat well, but time is absolutely a priority. I hope hearing this, and seeing my meal plan will help you to see that we are just regular people - so you can eat Real Food just like us!

Wednesday: "Taco" night (black beans, organic grass-fed beef, peppers, onions and lots of greens cooked up in the Simply Organic brand taco mix. Served over brown rice. Garnish with salsa & avocado. (leftovers for lunch the next day).

Thursday: Lentil Curry with eggplant and kale. We don't use a recipe - we just wing it. See my post on Masala Mix! But you can find great lentil curry recipes here. If you don't have all of the spices on hand, sub them out for a masala mix or curry powder to save money and time. It will still work.

Friday: Leftover lentil curry

Saturday: Wild Sole panfried in olive oil, sea salt, pepper and dried herbs. Asparagus and a greens salad.

Sunday: Salmon with Pumpkin Maple Crust (this is a new favourite!), kale and green beans

Monday: Leftover salmon, greens salad with walnuts, strawberries and goat's cheese.

Tuesday: Quick veggie omlette.

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