Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WWJE? Re-framing postpartum weight-loss

My goal for the month is to bring more of myself into the tblog. Posts are more authentic when I write about things that I personally do to keep myself and my family healthy, and I hope that you are able to better connect and find useful tips this way.

Remember those bracelets and bumper stickers - WWJD - What would Jesus Do?

Well, I have decided that my new mantra is WWJE - What would Jasper Eat? That is, What Would I Feed Jasper...

As you know, I don't just specialize in young family nutrition - I live it. My little baby is 4 months old, and I feel like I have still yet to come up for air. So when
clients ask me about postpartum weight loss, I can certainly speak from experience and offer advice that I put to practice on a daily basis.

I put on quite a bit of weight in my pregnancy. I didn't do this by eating oreos for breakfast and cold pizza during midnight cravings, like many other moms. I did this eating healthy, whole foods, paying particular attention to all of the specific nutrients I knew that my baby and I needed. My strategy worked --- I had a beautiful, healthy, and BIG baby boy! Jasper was a very well nourished 9lbs 10oz, and I can proudly say that we had a completely natural birth.

I may have packed on some extra pounds with my diet of nuts, seeds, beans, whole grains, salmon, greens and organic meats, but I also know that my pregnancy was easier (I didn't get morning sickness, and had very little discomfort, given my size and Jasper's size!), and myrecovery from his birth much quicker.

Now that we are 4 months in, and breastfeeding continues to be our number one challenge (my milk supply has never caught up to Jasper's needs...but that is another post in the making!), I am still holding on to some of my baby weight, like many other moms out there.

Its hard, finding time to take shower, let alone cook 3 healthy meals a day for yourself when you have a little one. But my husband and I do our best! In fact we have only been out to dinner twice since Jasper was born!

But the biggest challenge I face, and perhaps others will sympathize, is the increased hunger from breastfeeding. Its difficult to be hungry all the time, and not crave all of the wrong things.

BUT- now we get to the WWJE...

A new strategy that I am deploying, now that I am thinking about starting Jasper on solids in just two months, is WWJE?
Would I feed this to my baby? If not - then why would I feed it to myself?

Its too easy as a mom to put the health of your family as a top priority, while your health is a mere afterthought. So - when you are planning your meals for your children - make enough for 2, or for the whole family. This way you are eating as well as your child, and taking the whole family's healthy into consideration. This will also allow you to set a good example for your baby as he grows. The last thing we want is to have to explain to our kids why we get to eat cookies while they are eating green beans!

So...there is my postpartum weight-loss tip of the day. Re-frame things -- WWJE?
And know that I am soldiering on right beside you!

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  1. Love this! I had a heck of a time working off my baby weight- not all health food related I must admit. I tried to keep in mind that Aidan was watching everything I was eating which had encouraged me to keep my foods as healthy as possible within my time constraints.