Monday, November 8, 2010

Our Blossoming Baby

This post has been in the making for nearly six weeks, but I hope you can understand that things have been a little hectic!

I am so proud to finally introduce you to our beautiful baby boy, Jasper!

We welcomed Jasper into the world on the morning of September 29th, and instantly fell in love. Over the last six weeks Jasper has already undergone so much change, development and growth, and so have we, as new parents.

This past month and a half has had so many ups and downs, many of which I plan to blog about over the coming months. I know that our experiences are shared by new parents all over the world, and I will be a better mother, wife and health practitioner having learned first hand about these challenges and celebrations.

The postpartum period is truly a transformative time for mom, dad and baby, and we are enjoying every minute as a new family!!