Thursday, December 2, 2010

Healthy Eating Strategies for the Holidays

Check out the StayFitAnywhere December Newsletter for great fitness and nutrition strategies. Below is my article on Healthy Eating for the holidays, and be sure to also check out StayFit's 12 Days of Christmas exercises - its a great challenge!

Healthy Eating Strategies for the Holidays

by: Alicia Woods, Holistic Nutritionist. Alicia operates a holistic nutritional consulting practice, Blossom, in North Vancouver.

'Tis the season for chocolate, cookies, buffet dinners, tasty party food and flagons of wine. To ensure you won't be mistaken for Santa or Mrs. Claus come January, follow these strategies for a healthy holiday season:

  • Keep healthy snacks on hand at the office, and when the chocolates get passed around eat a piece of fruit or some nuts before reaching in; you will be less likely to over-indulge.
  • Always eat a healthy dinner before you head to the holiday party. This ensures that you will have got your fill of nutritious food for the day, no matter what happens later in the evening.
  • Re-gift it! If you are given baskets and tins of baked goods, bring them to the office or share them with a neighbour.
  • Eat well as often as you can, and continue your exercise regime. Just because you have two parties to attend this week doesn't mean the other 5 days are out the window too.
  • Dress up! You are less likely to pig out at the buffet table if you are wearing something that won't hide extra holiday pounds!
  • If you are hosting, impress guests by showcasing some of the wonderful foods which are in season right now : apples, squash, kale, potatoes, celery, carrots, and beets.
  • Set goals for the new year now, and don't put them off. Think about how great you will feel on January 1st if you are already working towards your resolution.

Above all else, enjoy the food you eat and the company that you share it with this holiday season.

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