Thursday, August 19, 2010

Finally Achieve Your Fitness Goals - Building Blocks Program

My friends over at Stayfitanywhere have put together a revolutionary package, which compliments my approach to nutrition perfectly. We are working together to cross-promote these services, so check out their site and take a look at this package if you are ready to start seeing results!

Stayfitanywhere's Building Blocks Program aims to teach participants the necessary movements required to achieve your physical fitness goals. Whether you are trying to release fat, gain muscular strength, improve athletic performance or simply stay fit without causing injuries, you will benefit from learning to execute essential movement patterns. The Building Blocks Program consists of a full fitness assessment, 12 specifically designed training sessions(6 one on one personal training and 6 online personal training sessions) and nutritional guidance. The first two sessions will work on mobility, stability and perfecting exercise technique. The next two sessions will continue to focus on mobility, stability and exercise technique with the addition of strength challenges. The focus of the final two sessions will be on learning how to combine your essential movement patterns to give you the most effective exercise routines to accomplish your goals.
Through this program you will learn proper exercise technique, increase joint mobility, gain strength and improve balance.

Sign up now for only $480 and save the HST*
until the end of September. You are guaranteed to achieve results. For any additional information, email them at And visit

Starting in January, when I am back from maternity leave, the Building Blocks program will additionally include a nutrition component, which is outlined on my site.

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