Friday, July 9, 2010

Sunscreen Safety

Although my focus is on food, my goal is to support clients as they improve their overall health and wellness.

In my past life (well, until just a few months ago!), I was an analyst for a mutual fund
company. My work was evaluating the social and environmental performance of food and consumer products companies. I also did my master's research on corporate responsibility in the food industry. In short, this means I know a thing or two about environmental health, and food and product safety.

Cosmetics, household cleaners, carpets, clothes - everything around us has the potential to be harmful - if the manufacturers prioritize cost over public health. And unfortunately, this is far too often the case.

For a simple, easy to use, well researched and exhaustive guide to consumer product safety -- making sure your sunscreen, shampoo, baby lotion, kitchen cleaner and even cereal are top quality, and health supporting - check out this website Its an amazing resource, and I highly recommend punching in your favourite brands for info about ingredients and safety!

Yesterday, at my Baby Steps Workshop, I had a couple of questions specifically about baby care products- sunscreens and other creams. For a comprehensive sunscreen safety guide - check this out This credible group of some of the world's top scientists - called the Environmental Working Group finds, that most brand-name sunscreens either don’t sufficiently protect skin from sun damage or contain hazardous chemicals — or both. So check out the site, research your brand, and learn what to look for in these products.

And in the mean time, remember that shade, and a sunhat are really the best
sunscreens...especially in this heat!

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